Our Library Apps

Darebin Libraries App

Darebin Libraries App
Catalogue search
You can find a title, reserve, borrow or renew, straight from your device.

Barcode scan
Why buy when you can borrow? You can scan a barcode on any book, anywhere, then search our catalogue to see if you can borrow it.

Library information
From events to opening hours to our latest eNews, plus links to local and family history resources and social media. Everything you need to stay informed and connected.

For support using the app, contact Darebin Libraries on 1300 655 355 or email contact_us@darebinlibraries.vic.gov.au

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Planet Library App for Kids

Planet Library App for Kids
Renew and reserve your items
Create your own avatar and profile
Get reading suggestions
Play games
Collect characters in the library using augmented reality (like Pokemon Go) and earn bonus tokens when you borrow a book or visit the library. Once you have collected enough points, you get access to new games.
Read ebooks
Make a wish list of books to read next
Scan a book's barcode in a shop to see if the library has it
Find information about events

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