Graphic Novels

Other Resources

Grovel - Great name, great site. This UK based wesbite looks great and has reivews dating back to 2006. 

No Flying, No tights - Another great name for a graphic novel website! They update every day with at least one new review or feature, and frequently have more than one item go up.

NPR Comics & Graphic Novels - Reviews the more 'literary' graphic novels published.

Now Read This! - Is the comic-book dead? Can periodical publications survive in a world where the retailer needs to charge more for a slim pamphlet than the customer wants to pay? Are collections, albums and all-new comic stories in large, more cost-intensive packages the answer? Win Wiacek examines strips old and new with big page counts and mutable shelf-lives.

The Guardian Newspaper Graphic Novel Reviews - This site has news, articles and reviews of graphic novels, comics and the movies that inevitably come from them.