How to set up email alerts

Step 1. Login to the library catalogue using your library card number (without the C & D) and 6 digit PIN (possibly your date of birth DDMMYY)

Step 2. Under My Account, select the third tab New Alert Profile

Step 3. Enter your search criteria. For example, if you enter your favourite authors, we’ll let you know when we add titles by these authors or you could search for DVDs and we’ll let you know about new DVDs.

Step 4. Click on Search to make sure it is finding the items you want. You might need to refine your search further by adding more fields.

Step 5. Choose your alert frequency i.e. how often you want to receive updates.

Step 6. Choose an expiry date if you don’t want to receive updates beyond a particular date. Add a description – this is just a name for your alert profile e.g. new DVDs. Click Save

Step 7. When new items are added to the library which match your alert profile, an email will be sent to the address on your membership. You can use the links in your email to check the availability of items and make reservations.