True crime stories

One down, one missing
Joe D'Alo
Cop killing case which sparked the biggest manhunt in Victorian history.

Helter skelter
Vincent Bugiosi
The story of the Manson murders. The best selling true crime book ever.

Happy like murderers
Gordon Burn
The story of Fred and Rosemary West, England's suburban killers.

Wild life
John Dale
The author investigates his Grandfathers unsolved murder in Tasmania.

If I knew then
Amy Fisher
The author, a notorious U.S. teen killer, tells about her life in jail.

Joe Cinque's consolation
Helen Garner
Australian tale of bizarre plot to kill an unfortunate boyfriend.

Never to be released volume 1 & 2
Paul B. Kidd
Aussie collection of gruesome crime in our backyard. 

Under the banner of heaven
John Krakauer
Religious cults who kill