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What do librarians read?

Take a peek into the bookshelves and on the bedside tables of the people who work at Darebin Libraries.  Find out what they borrow, what they recommend and why.

The bedside books

We are avid, varied check out this list regularly for updated titles, comments and star ratings.



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Szubanski, Magda 
An amazing memoir of a well loved comedian.  Her personal story and also the story of her family through wartime Poland.  She has the gift of writing and I enjoyed this immensely.

 biography LBGTIQ        

 Leo The road to ruin: How Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin destroyed their own government
Savva, Nikki
 This book was a lesson in how not to behave in the workplace.

non fiction

Stephanie  The Accidental
Smith, Ali
A fractured family is spending their summer in Norfolk when a strange young woman appears. She is embraced differently by each member of the family, revealing to them things they need to see. Innovatively written, but if you read other reviews you will see it is quite a polarising book! I loved it.  fiction  ****


 Cop Town
Slaughter, Karin
A confrontational police procedural set in 1970s Atlanta.  This book is an above average thriller/murder mystery with some strong characters.  Someone is murdering police officers on duty, and the investigation seems to be getting nowhere.    Enter two female police officers who face routine discrimination from within the force as they try to uncover a killer.  



Holding the man
Conigrave, Timothy

This remarkable and poignant biography gives an insight into the life of a young man in Melbourne’s 1970’s. Timothy Conigrave fell in love with the captain of his school’s football team, at a time when the world was a different place, and AIDS was about to destroy many lives. This book has left me thinking about its characters long after I finished reading. Do yourself a favour- read it

biography  *****
 Amanda Rawsome vegan baking
Von Euw, Emily 
Some great easy to make recipes. Includes a great raw caramel mocha slice, so far everyone who has tried it loves it. Really who doesn’t love baking when everything goes in a blender!   baking/rawfoods  ***1/2 


Katsonis, Maria


A touching memoir of a high achiever and  her experience with depression and her subsequent  path to recovery and lessons learnt. biography  **** 
 Melanie All the light we cannot see
Doerr, Anthony 

     Beautifully written book with evocative yet simple stories exploring the human side of World War II 



Sally The eye of the sheep
Laguna, Sofie
A heart wrenching story told from the view of a young boy Jimmy Flick who is not like other kids.  Well written but very sad, I couldn't put it down. fiction  ****

 The Spark
Craw, Rachel 

It was just one of those teenage books I couldn’t put down. I can’t put my finger on why, it was just really readable. Recommended by a Children’s team member at the library, I’ve since read the second book in the series and its good too!  science fiction/paranormal romance **** 
Linda  Penguin bloom
Bloom, Cameron 
A family struggling with tragedy and pain after an horrific accident; this book is beautifully written and photographed.   I loved it so much I read it twice.  non fiction  ***** 
Nalaka  Tracks Davidson, Robyn Fascinating and brutally honest story about Robyn's journey through the Australian outback. A story like this gives me the inspiration to travel the paths less travelled. biography  *****    
Leanne  Carry On: the rise and fall of Simon Snow
Rowell, Rainbow 
Loved this book!  It's got young wizards, a love story, plenty of action and a unique way of casting spells (particularly entertaining for the wordsmiths out there).  teenage fiction