October 2017

Fairfield Library

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Craft by Kate Donovan

Craft Pieces - Sophia Mundi Steiner School Abbotsford

Curator:  Kate Donovan (current parent of the school)

Artist Statement

I wanted to share a collection of (mainly) primary school artwork and crafts from my children's collection, from their time at Sophia Mundi Steiner School.  Sophia Mundi is one of the local Prep – Year 12 schools in the Darebin region and inner city, located in the heritage building of St Marys at the Abbotsford Convent.  Offering Steiner Education from Prep-10 and the International Baccalaureate Programme in Years 11 & 12, Sophia Mundi is a School that is aligned with Darebin's Sustainable Environmental Policies and Community minded principles in our local region.

Our family has lived in Northcote for the past 25 years and I would like to add and support the strong values of community and a life-long, meaningful education.

Sophia Mundi Steiner School
St Marys Building, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St. Heliers St Abbotsford
03 9419 9229  www.sophiamundi.vic.edu.au



Northcote Library

Image from Inside Outside by Anne McCallum

This month we showcase images from picture book, Inside Outside, by artist Anne McCallum -  a book inspiring both child and reader to venture outside and create their own  adventures.

Artist Statement Inside Outside

Let’s take the inside outside and help our children laugh, help them run and jump and enjoy the outside world.

There is an epidemic called Nature Deficit Disorder which is affecting our young people – they are spending less and less time outside in nature and more time inside on technological devices. This is affecting their mental, physical and emotional health. It even affects their ability to learn. Walt Disney once said - “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children”.

So we need to nurture and treasure our future generations and keep them from suffering a needless malady like Nature Deficit Disorder. I want these images to be one of the stepping stones to keeping our children interested in nature. To me, nature is a beautiful source of inspiration, an infinite well of possibilities for creating images. Photographers have been capturing images of nature and gardens since the invention of the camera, however I really wanted to create something a little bit different. So, I have put together surprise elements within the images to, hopefully, make the viewer smile and take a second look. The objects can be whatever the viewer wishes them to be, there are no limits to imagination.

 Both the book and prints from the book are available for sale.

Anne McCallum amccallum.ceilidh@gmail.com

Would you like to exhibit?  More information here.