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Reading doesn't have to be a solitary passion...

Darebin Libraries is proud to support your book club by providing access to our Book Club Collection.

Register your Book Club and get access to our Book Club Collection for the small fee of $2.80 per book. Our book packs provide up to 10 copies of a title at any one time, and discussion notes are provided.

The books will be issued to your Darebin Libraries membership card for a loan period of 6 weeks and can be picked up at your specified Darebin library branch.

Contact our Book Club Librarian for more details on how to register with us.

View the complete 2022 Book Club Collection below, or download the PDF.

Thinking of starting your own Book Club?

There are many websites which provide tips on starting up your own book club and other useful resources such as reading guides and recommended book selections, here are a few:

2022 Book Club Collection