Conditions of Entry

Darebin Libraries is committed to providing a shared, safe place with respect for all.

By entering Darebin Libraries, you agree to:

  • Treat others with respect and courtesy at all times. 
  • Follow instructions given by library staff.
  • Take responsibility for your own belongings; we advise not leaving any item unattended. 
  • Be mindful of your noise level. Conversation is welcome yet we must also be respectful of the needs of others.
  • Respect library property and keep library spaces clean.
  • Ensure any children - under the age of 12 - that you are responsible for are supervised.
  • Refrain from bringing along animals when you visit, unless they are a registered guide or assistance animal.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol, drugs and smoking at the library.

Please assist staff to make your visit enjoyable by cooperating with their requests.

Unacceptable behaviour will lead to customers being asked to leave the library.

Important note: At this time, you must also abide by the COVID-19 specific Conditions of Entry, which reflect current Victorian Government Law. These conditions may change from time to time and the latest version can always be found on our Visit the Library page and upon entry to the library.